About Law Office Of Mary Jane Nettles PLLC

Attorney Mary Jane Henderson has been practicing law and providing her community with thorough, personalized legal services for 30 years. No matter if you are going through a divorce, have been injured or accused of a criminal offense, Attorney Henderson can help.

Education, Experience and Licenses

  • Licensed to practice since 1981
  • Licensed in Florida and Alabama since 1981
  • Served as a Volusia County Court Judge - 1991-2011
  • Completed 40 hours of Education in Family Law Mediation
  • 40 Circuit Civil Mediation: Available to serve as the Mediator in Family and Civil Court Cases

Message from Attorney Mary Jane Henderson:

As required by the rules of professional governing lawyers 4-2.1, I will exercise independent professional judgment rendering candid advice, taking into consideration not only the law, but the other factors such as moral, economic or social that may be relevant to your situation.